On Air Next Week! (31.Oct.2021)

Happy Halloween! 🙂

The past few weeks (or better yet months) have just flown by in an blink of an eye – how is it possible that we’ve reached the last day of October 2021?!

More and more people have gradually returned into the streets right now, and the city seems to have restored its liveliness under the influence of relaxation of the Covid restrictions. It took us one and a half year of strong endurance but it has finally paid off. We ARE getting our life back!

Just a month ago, we were still very much in the blackhole of uncertainty and our business activities were shackled – and that’s when I had this opportunity with the Japan Broadcasting Co. for their FM-Radio program called “Recital Passio”.

Hikaru Matsukawa (violin)、Marie Amamoto (piano)

The “Recital Passio” is one of Japan’s most leading Classical Music Radio-FM programs which presents itself in a classic style of dialogues between the host and the artist followed by their performances, and it receives millions of listens every week nation-wide.

Day 1 & Day 2 of recording our talks and my live performance at the NHK concert hall in Osaka were to me both exciting and worthwhile. We carefully prepared the script and planned out all the intricacies prior to the recording in our effort to, despite the given condition, make everything as simple as we possibly could.

On the day of the live performance, we were able to gather audiences filling about one-third of the hall as we had estimated. It’s truly remarkable to recognize how they respond to everything you say or play that is pre-framed by the vibe you created in the very beginning, and it is a powerful thing to lead them to the direction you want with the pre-framing.


The program will be on air next Sunday 7th of November, *GMT+9* 20:20, (the rerun on Friday 12th of November, *GMT+9* 9:20) however the broadcast is unfortunately not available outside the country. I hope to follow up with video extracts perhaps on YouTube or other social media platforms in the coming weeks.

Hikaru M.



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