New Online Streaming is officially HERE! *watch now* (11.May.2021)

After a long wait and a ton of anticipation…

it’s finally HERE 🙂  Nagaokakyo Ensemble Concert Tour 2021 Web-Streaming!<—brand-new.

I have “a mixed feeling” about this. In the light of the covid-19 situation, promoting this event was nowhere near desirable and we had to limit the capacity for the venues to ensure the safety of people. We also had to cancel one of our performances which was initially scheduled to be in Tokyo.

However, I’m ever so thrilled that I’m able to share this concert with all those who had to miss, and I hope you’re just as excited as I am right now 🙂

As most people know, Nagaokakyo Ensemble is very different from any musician, quartet or orchestra in the world. Nagaokakyo Ensemble is a highly disciplined collection of musicians who specialize in exploring and developing pre-modern music (particularly earlier music) in a completely new spirit.

Unlike most ensembles or orchestras, we do not need “a conductor” to discover our own sound. Our music-making process is entirely based on a theory that it is possible for each individual musician in the ensemble to take control, use one’s own ears, and challenge the boundary of one’s creative power.

We held two concerts during the tour (one in Kyoto & the other in Nagoya) in February before working closely and intensely for hours every day + years of research and testing. Both concerts received high acclaims and the response was no less than beyond our expectation. Just take a look at this review from the online “Japan Economic Press” right here:

The full video of the concert was recorded by the top-notch TV camera crew we hired especially for the project, so the quality is guaranteed to be ironclad high.

But if you’d like to watch more of the concert, you need to make a purchase. It’s an one-time payment of  $14 (credit card & bank transfer accepted), and it’ll walk you through music of Saint-Georges, Weber & Boccherini - blended with styles from three different European nations, - and the purpose & the outcome it all serves.

You can find more details on the page before you decide to purchase. Just click the link below and join the rest of us who’ve already have access! ===> Nagaokakyo Ensemble Concert Tour 2021 Web-Streaming!

If you loved the full video, feel free to come back here and leave a comment down below after watching 🙂

Have a good day,

Hikaru M



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