Blonlinemusic is LIVE! [Go now] (27.Oct. 2020)

We’ve been so busy lately with the launch and keeping track of everything with our brand-new online music service “Blonlinemusic”, I had totally forgotten to write you a blog post about this.

You may have seen it on my top page, but we only opened up our website (which is on the beginning of October and it’s still “fresh out of the oven”, so to speak. Currently we have 584 followers liking our Facebook page (I’ve just checked), and we achieved the 500 likes in THE FIRST WEEK ALONE.

That’s impressive.

Have you had a chance to check out the page yet? Aside from the website and Facebook page, it also has social media presence on Instagram. Make sure to like/follow and turn on the notification so you won’t miss our future posts.

What is Blonlinemusic? Why are so many already rushing in?

You and I both know that there are a lot of music courses we see out there online. They provide masterclasses and lessons, and they may sell books or something like that. That’s all they do.

That’s not enough. Musicians and artists have universal and personal problems in and out of their career that inevitably have significant affect on their success (or lack thereof).

We want to build a strong community where such musicians and artists can offer support to each other by sharing those problems. With Covid-19 waves hitting up and more people moving their activities onto online platforms, we’ve entered “a new era” where we constantly need to do new things no one has ever done before and figure out how to do them. We’re always there to help you solve your problems so that you can get the best results that you want. 

And that’s Blonlinemusic in a nutshell and that’s what separates Blonlinemusic from every other internet music service.

We’re so excited to deliver new contents on the page very soon. Join us for making the future of music and the future of your life better. 

Let’s do this!  



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