The experience I won’t ever forget (09.Jul.2017)

How are you on this fine Sunday morning?
Since Friday I’ve been rejoicing the Viennese sun beaming down on me and some crispy air entering this atmosphere. (Yesterday was strange, because it started with an absolute sunshine, but then we had furious rains blasting all over us in the middle of the day, and by the midnight we had a full moon.)
There’re a lot of old houses, cathedrals, sculptures, and of course, the Dabube. It feels so special to be sorrounded by all these things – which is exactly what I’d always been fascinated by for a long time! I’m planning to be staying here for a couple more days.
The point of today’s blog was to tell you how fantastically the concert last Thursday in the Danube Palace went. In spite of the concert beginning during the day time, there was a large audience and the mood was rather warm and pleasant.


Hikaru Matsukawa violin, András Deák conductor with the DSO
The entire Danube Symphony Orchestra, conductor András Deák and I spent about a week working on the Dvořák Violin Concerto together till the day of the concert, and the process alone was a valuable experience to me.
I have to admit that of course there was some difficulty standing in our way during the process. Although the orchestra was legitimately organised, they needed to learn more about the piece, to work into the tiniest details and to be totally spontaneous with it as it was less familiar than the other concertos. Like everything else in our life, every circumstance is going to be different and our plan just won’t execute its force no matter how well you lay it out (or how you practice the piece). This time was no different and it was very important that we sought to adapt the situation and to create the best solution to challenging the matter. I really believe that this is how not only the soloists but also the conductors and all other members should learn to be stronger and better at preparing and performing music.


Lászlo Bláskovics the manager, Hikaru Matsukawa violin and András Deák the conductor


As far as I’m concerned, they’re welcoming me back to Budapest for a concert of the 2018-19 season with the DSO at the Danube Palace.
I already know that this concert will be even better than Thursday’s concert and am looking forward to the exhilarating adventure that we’ll be running through.
And I must not forget to thank our manager Lászlo Bláskovics for keeping orders, making all the arrangements and making this fantastic event possible. I am wholeheartedly grateful to the opportunity he has granted all of us with his earnest strivings, generosity and conviction which will be remembered forever.
Hikaru M








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