New blog! (29.Nov.2016)

Welcome to the 1st edition of my new blog!
It’s yet another time of the year where the chill crisp breeze enters your atmosphere and those autumn leaves sublimely fill the path you walk, and life’s been quite awesome. But for the past couple months I’ve been somewhat hectic with things like flying out to London, doing a concert and all the personal coachings and private parties that go on here and there, so…
although the site has been up for a while now, i’ve fallen behind a significant deal with all the updates that I need to make 😦
I’ll do my best to come back with more details in due course, – hopefully in a few days, and meanwhile check out this video of Mozart Piano Quartet No.1 from a Belgium-Japan concert I did recently with two of the Ensemble Mendelssohn members.


To be frank, I was going to keep this private at least for time being, but it has leaked since when someone put it up online not too long ago and I’ve only just found it, which’s now available on here:


Enjoy it until I come back with further posts in about a few days, and thanks for reading!

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